Oct 9, 2021

Another Sign That EX5 Might Still Happen?

A month ago we got word from G. Poirier, the screenwriter of the original EX4 (before the spin-off turned into EX4), that his script was still alive and in the works for what will now become an EX5. I didn't think much of it as Poirier like many other folks involved in the franchise don't necessarily know what decisions are made by the producers or what direction the movies end up taking, remember Randy?!

Now we are getting word from Lutz (the annoying kid from EX3 who ruined the movie), that he might be back or ready for the call for EX5! God NO!!! I hope it's simply wishful thinking on his part and there is no intention of making an EX5 with him and the other useless kids again.

Anyway, Sly seems to be retiring from the franchise and if there ever is an EX5 with those kids, it'll be the end of the franchise for sure and it'll turn into a DTV cash cow. 

1 comment:

  1. Eh, wishful thinking by the twinks. No way those guys will get invited back. Lol.