I probably belong to the last generation of the 80's-90's action movie fans, a dying breed. I grew up with Rocky. In my teenage years Rambo, Terminator and Die Hard were box office hits. Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis were Hollywood's biggest names and studios would pay $20M to get them in their movies.

Rocky was an inspiration and I guess at times I looked at life thru his eyes. Growing up, life was tough but I knew I could make it because Rocky had. And I did. Today I feel I owe a little bit of what I have to him.

When Stallone put the "The Expendables" together, it was a childhood dream that was
finally coming true, but there was a bit of a disappointment by the lack of serious screen time for Schwarzenegger and Willis.

Then "The Expendables 2" was announced, and I started following the development of the movie hoping that Stallone would this time assemble all the action stars for good, and he did as he promised. Then the EX2 poster came out and I was blown away. A childhood dream had come true...

So here I am, a busy man trying to find a few minutes per day to express my excitement, thoughts and writings in a
blog dedicated to the
Expendables franchise. I'm also blessed with a group of talented and passionate friends around the world who help me source the latest news on "The Expendables" movies which I gladly share with the fans in this blog. If you happen to pass by, and are a fan of the franchise, take a few minutes and share the excitement. After all we are all Expendable!