Aug 23, 2013

Rumor Alert!!! Rumor Alert!!! Jackie Chan

Yesterday we heard that Mickey Rourke would indeed be featured in EX3. I say featured because he will not be in the film for a very long time.

Now comes this rumor, that cannot be confirmed at this time so PLEASE take as rumor only, that none other than Jackie Chan might actually make an appearance in EX3 afterall. As the rumor goes he will film his scenes much around the time Jet Li films his scenes. Humm, makes sense seeing that Jet did not film any of the big action set pieces that have been shot thus far. 

But get this and here is the juicy part of the rumor...although Chan would not be in the film much more than a cameo -- it would set his character up for what would be a much bigger part in the next Expendables adventure. Sounds similar to what the Fast and Furious films did with the last two movies. Could Sly and Chan had come to some agreement for the future? Could this be why he was not mentioned in the Press Release??? I really hope this pans out! Stay tuned...