Nov 7, 2013

Ford Confirms Scenes with Stallone Only

In an interview with the French magazine Paris Match Ford confirmed that he only knew Arnold through environmental initiatives which he took part when Arnold was the Governor of California but didn't know him more than that. He further confirmed that he didn't know Stallone and only shot scenes with him in EX3 (sorry no scenes with Arnold even though they appeared on the same picture together). Stallone impressed Ford by his talent, Ford added that the EX franchise pioneer is intelligent, works hard and is generous with his partners.

When asked if he still did his own stunts, Ford responded that getting out of his bed was a stunt nowadays. The only scene involving him in action was in a helicopter that was suspended by a cable, so no major risk there.


  1. So it was Arnold who asked Ford to take part in that correct?

  2. No sorry for the confusion, I corrected the sentence.

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