Dec 13, 2013

Will EX3 teaser appear end of December or early January?

Exciting times for action fans!!! With THE EXPENDABLES 3 finished filming and now being edited by Sly, Patrick Hughes and the editors of the film, the teaser trailer is upon us and ready to be shown to the world. 'JOX' over at StalloneZone informed us over a month ago that a 'stand-alone' teaser was shot and in the the trailer is ready!. When it will premiere is the next question.

My guess is that the EX3 teaser will premiere with Stallone's very own GRUDGE MATCH which opens Christmas Day:

If the teaser does not premiere with Grudge Match in December then my second guess is that it will premiere with the new HERCULES film in January. Afterall, that film is being released by Lionsgate/Summit and it does star one of the expendables himself, Kellan Lutz: