Sep 4, 2013


EX3 opens next summer and is expected to become the biggest one of the Expendables Trilogy...or is that the biggest Expendables movie yet...

Personally, I don't see why it all has to end with the third film. The concept of these men lends itself to many movies granted the action icons can still run, jump and fall down and look believable doing it.

The Expendables franchise, like the Mission Impossible franchise, should always have a different director each time. It gives each film a different voice. The first film was directed by the creator of this entire 'enterprise' Sylvester Stallone. It was a hard hitting, gritty action film. The second one was directed by Simon 'CON AIR' West. It was a more glossy action film than the first and that is because West shoots his action a little different in style than Sly. The third film is being directed by Patrick Hughes. He is basically a newcomer, but I'm pretty sure his tone will be more in line with what Sly did on the first film and at the same time he will add his own style to make it different and fresh.

Now, I know this might be a little too early discussing a fourth film with the third not yet released, but hey, Sly should know what and who the fans want next time around. So, everyone knows I am a big fan of JOHN WOO and his style of shooting action. If anyone has ever seen the masterpiece known as FACE/OFF they would know what he is capable of. Or better yet buy HARD BOILED or THE KILLER. Those films show what he can do with no studio interferrance. 

I really think Sly should hire Mr. Woo for the next mission and give us an Expendables movie we have yet to see. Aside from John Woo though, here are two other veteran filmmakers and a relative newcomer who I think would bring something good to the table.

Richard Donner - Donner has worked with Sly in the past on ASSASSINS so there is already that connection (also worked with Jet Li and Antonio Banderas). But even more so is the fact that Richard Donner is the director of all four amazing LETHAL WEAPON movies. Those films are so full of energy and great characters that I think he would be a perfect match with the Expendables franchise. And boy does he know how to shoot action scenes. Donner is an old school master and he would be a fine choice.

John McTiernan - McT is right now in prison serving out a sentence for wire-tapping or some such nonsense like that. But by the time he gets out in a year he will need a new start in Hollywood and more importantly he will need a job. The Expendables franchise has been known to help those whos careers are in need. McT could use the film for a stepping stone back into LaLa land and the Expendables franchise could use McT's experience in knowing how to make a great action movie. This is the man afterall who directed PREDATOR, DIE HARD and THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. McTiernan is an old school master and he would be a fine choice.

Gareth Evans - Evans is a newcomer, but if anyone has seen THE RAID they would know he has alot of potential to become the next great action filmmaker. He would do wonders with an Expendables movie. He would be given a large budget and let loose. Maybe another young filmmaker is what we need after Patrick Hughes.

That pretty much covers who should possibly direct the 4th for the cast. Here are some suggestions the fourth time around.

In a recent article over at Yahoo Movies  it reported how Sly reaches out to movie stars he wants to work with. For EX4 maybe we could possibly see...

Leonardo DiCaprio - Sly wanted to work with Leo on Driven. DiCaprio would be great as a bad guy. See BLOOD DIAMOND or DJANGO UNCHAINED.

Russell Crowe - Come on, this guy screams crazy, tough and not to be messed with. Make his character a crazy nut job who does anything to get the job done.

Christian Bale - Another intense actor that would be awesome on the team. A long shot. Maybe have him work with Schwarzenegger, for real this time since SALVATION was no Arnie/Bale collaboration.

Samuel L. Jackson - He could be a go to guy like Bruce Willis's Church. This time have Jackson swear more than Bruce with some juicy lines. We need an old school African American in this sequel.

Al Pacino - Pacino does not act much these days and he has joked about being in one of these films. Lets hope that joke becomes a reality and he appears in the next one as a crazy bad guy.

Kiefer Sutherland - He is Jack Bauer! Nuff said!

Gerard Butler - With 300 and now Olympus Has Fallen he has proven he is great in action.

Clint Eastwood - A cameo from Clint is a must. Maybe have him say "punk" while we are at it.

Bolo Young - Bolo is as bad ass as it gets (Double Impact and Bloodsport anyone).

Kurt Russell - He said yes to Fast 7 and he seems to want to work in films again.

Jackie Chan - A legend such as Chan must be an expendable. It's Jackie Chan for crying out loud!

Nicolas Cage - If he can channel his inner 'Castor Troy' he needs to play a bad guy.

Donnie Yen - A legend in the martial arts and a real life tough guy.

Steven Seagal - He still needs to be in this franchise to make it complete. He would make a solid bad guy.

What do you guys think, do you like my suggestions?