Aug 26, 2013

A Few Words About Our Content

Jeff here,

I wanted to apologize about the recent confusion over the silly EX3 teaser poster I made. It was never intended to be taken seriously. In the comments section, I even said, jokingly, that Lionsgate sent it to me. I never thought anyone would believe it. The earlier poster I made about a week ago, was also assumed to be official. That one I did say I created. Somehow it ended up on the EX3 Wikipedia page. I certainly didn't send them that.

Consider any EX3 posters we post to be fan-made, just for fun. We will always label an official one as just that - official. I enjoy seeing the fan-made posters, just like many of you. In fact, we'll post them here, if anyone wishes to send them to us.

Another topic is about rumors. We don't create EX3 rumors out of thin air. They come from sources close to the production. Sometimes from the Bulgarian media. Either way, we always address them as be taken with a grain of salt. We all want to see Chan and Rourke in the movie, and both have been rumored to be in cameos. Maybe true, maybe false. But we just report what we hear.

Again, my apologies about the teaser poster. I didn't mean to mislead people. Just wanted to have some fun. And more will probably surface.....and will be noted as fan-made. Thanks for your time.