Nov 1, 2013

Harrison Ford's lack of respect for EX3!!!

Harrison Ford has been called many things over the years -- great actor; charismatic performer and now you can add unfunny-stuck-up-snob! Let me explain...Ford has been out promoting his latest film Ender's Game and obviously the media is going to ask him about the bigger films he has coming up in his future. One of them happens to be THE EXPENDABLES 3. Back in the summer Sly asked Harrison to join the epic cast of EX3 and he happily accepted.

Now, when Ford is asked about working on the 3rd Expendables film he comes off as if it is all one big joke or that he just took the film for the money. The first response is likely to piss off Sly and the second response is likely to make his fans feel as if it's all about money for him when taking a project. Both responses are negative.

Take a look here:

And take a look Here

Ford should be proud to be apart of this film and working with his fellow action stars of whom he grew alongside in the 80's and 90's into the mega star he is today. You don't see guys like Mel or Arnold making all kinds of stupid jokes about being in the EXPENDABLES franchise or about taking it because they got a huge paycheck. Ford is said to be worth over 300 million are Sly, Arnold and Mel. Working on this film or any film these days should be more than just about money for these guys. Shame on you HARRISON FORD!