Nov 1, 2013

Lerner reconfirms Expendables 4, says it might film next year!

In an interview with the Bulgarian news outlet Politika, Lerner reconfirms Expendables 4 and says it might film next year already. He further hints at Cuba for the 4th installment to take place in, if Castro is still alive by then.

Take what Lerner says with a grain of salt, he's always ahead of himself. Remember when he confirmed Cage & Rourke in EX3 already in August 2012 before EX2 even opened. Well, neither ended up being in the movie.

Below is the full interview (Google Translation) for those who'd like to read it. 

Spoiler Alert: towards the end there is a piece on Snipes character.

- Mr. Lerner, you are the producer of "The Expendables 3", filmed in Bulgaria over the past few months. How was the shooting process?
- "The Expendables" is probably the biggest action production in the world. It involves so many Hollywood stars together, as in any other product in all kinoistoriya. Here are 7 great actor trademarked name - Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous by "The Terminator" with Sylvester Stallone "Rambo" and "Rocky," Antonio Banderas in "The Mask of Zorro," Wesley Snipes in "Blade," Mel Gibson with the "Lethal Weapon" Harrison Ford "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones", Jason Statham in "The Transporter." They add and young - MMA champion Ronda Blonde, world boxing champion Victor Ortiz, star of "Twilight" Kellan Lutz. All women like Kellan (laughs). That is to say, we did a mix of the biggest stars together. Brought other good actors like Robert Davey, known to viewers as Agent Bailey Maloun the series "Profiler." He plays one of the bad guys and helps the hero Mel Gibson because he is alone against all invincible.  
- How the action is in the third part?  

- In the third part has more action than any other action so far. Killed more worse than in the previous sections. Maybe more people have been killed only during the First and Second World War. We hired more than 1,300 people in the last few months of production. 95% of them are Bulgarians. Budget "Expendables 3" is around $ 100 million, of which at least $ 35 million has been spent in Bulgaria.  

- Bulgaria Is it a good place for shooting big Hollywood?  

-My answer is definitely "yes" and that for many reasons. Bulgaria is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries. There are beautiful mountains, lakes, cities - everything. In Bulgaria we can build an entire desert, and made for the filming of "Hercules 3D". For me the most important thing, however, is people. Bulgarian team, we have gathered, there is knowledge and experience. Since 2006, in Bulgaria we shot about 100 films. People have become adept at what they do and are better than in other countries where making films.  

- What are the difficulties we went through to capture large-scale productions in Bulgaria?  

- It's not hard. The only thing that is more complicated to convince the stars to come to Bulgaria. They do not know much about this country and tell them "Bulgaria" and ask, "Where is it? In Russia? In Chechnya? Afghanistan? ". Americans do not make much difference in this part of the world. Over the years, we showed them how good it is in Bulgaria and what the movies were filmed here. Here comes the big names like Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, John Travolta ... The only difficulty is the fight that should lead to other countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia and others., Where there are financial incentives for foreign film productions. If the Bulgarian government wants to Bulgaria to shoot more big movies, it needs to be on par with the rest of the ride, or you will fail. Need to introduce the possibility of reimbursement for qualified expenses for film production in Bulgaria. Only last year I personally submitted to the Bulgarian economy over $ 50 million, I aim to bring the state treasury more so next year. Since 2006, I have invested over $ 60 million in the cinema center "Nu Boyana". A lot of money for a small independent company as the "Millennium Films." We want to build another large studio of 4000 square meters with a variety of scenery, swimming pool underwater - something everyone will talk about. Bulgarian government has to help us to continue filmmaking here. This year we lost two big films that were shot in Hungary because they gave 20% financial incentives. Other films go to the Czech Republic, and now there is a law for film incentives in Macedonia! See here now talking constantly how Bulgaria should attract new investments, how to create new jobs. The film industry is a good prospect. I'm not sure that the politicians you better understand what you have tremendous opportunities in the field of cinema.  

- How to create a good production?  

- It all starts with the decision, as is my work. I have to say "yes" or "no." Everything else they do other people. The idea is the most important. If I can sell it - will do. I look from a marketing perspective. Caring for people to come and watch the movie. Once the idea is the most important scenario - structure dialogues pace. Then comes the choice of the director who made these sheets with text to life through the camera. Then select the actors, filming, post-production and marketing. I do this every day.  

- Easy to work with big names like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Shvareneger, Harrison Ford, etc.?  

- The hardest part is to arrange the actors stars who will participate in a production. Then you need to be confident that it will come in time for the photos, will follow the shooting schedule will work with heart and soul. I am very happy and satisfied with his work with the Hollywood stars who have filmed here. We have enough experience to know what you need. We know how to make them happy. This is done in the last 40 years, an old man I am (laughs). 

- What are your next projects?  

- In February we start filming Survivor. Director will be James McTigue from "V for Vendetta." Then we do ExpendaBelles. The concept is the same as the "Expendables", but with female. Will participate probably Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, Milla Jovovich. Each woman wants to be in this movie. I will do a very good selection. I hope every woman to take her husband or boyfriend to watch the film. Next year maybe we're filming and "Invincible 4." The action will be developed in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change. Sylvester Stallone and negotiate a new "Rambo." 

- What do you think will develop the film industry in the future?  

- To be successful you have to be one step ahead of others. You have to do films like "Gravity". Nobody believed that one person can outsource your entire movie. That's the beauty of directing. Not only in selling names. In every movie has to be something special. When you get an offer for a movie, I think what's different between him and others. You have to be open to new things constantly. Eg "Expendables 3." As you know, Wesley Snipes was in prison. And we thought about what he would like the world to know about Wesley Snipes to embody it in his role in the film. Therefore shoved his character in jail and our invincible need it, because it was formerly a part of them. On a transport train Sly and company helicopters kidnap him and ask him, "Hey, what you did, you were in prison?" And he answers them: "I was there for tax evasion." This is true even though the film is described comic. We try to do new and interesting things. Think of the idea, not for sale.  

- What kind of movies do you prefer to watch in your spare time?  

- I love to watch dramas, I like to cry like watching movies, I feel emotion. I watch all types of movies. I like to feel that I am part of the film - to cry, to be glad to be disappointed. I love movies that "speak" to people, such as the Linda Lovelace - it's porn star with a very dramatic story. But it almost did not make such films because they do not bring much money. People prefer to watch the explosions.