Aug 19, 2013

EXBlogman's Final Post - Handing off to Elrey

Just came back from my business trip to find out the official EX3 cast & synopsis. Thanks Elrey for keeping the Blog up and running for the past few days.

For those who have been reading this blog from the time Jean & I started writing on EX2 back in November 2011, remember that I  had decided to stop the Blog after I attended the Premiere of EX2 in August 2012 and posted my final review. EX2 was it for me. You have to understand that I'm a huge fan of the 80-90s action genre and more specifically the genre that was represented by icons such as Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Van Damme, Norris & Seagal. 

The reason I decided to come back for an EX3 Blog was because many of you asked me to & I was given the impression that the 3rd installment would top EX2. Although the final cast of EX3 is great, I don't believe it tops its prequel. Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of Gibson and the Mad Max/Lethal Weapon franchises, I believe Ford is a great actor and Snipes is a fantastic action star. But it doesn't cut it for me. First the exclusion of Willis was a huge blow (although very disappointed by his strange behavior), then the omission of Seagal & Chan was a complete turn-off! Plus I'm not too excited by the addition of those young folks and the idea of a younger group of Expendables.

Having said all that and given my busy life, I wont find the passion to continue dedicating extra time to update this blog. So I have decided to stop writing and hand off the EXBlog to my friend Elrey who seems to be more passionate about EX3 than I am (specially with the addition of Banderas!).

So this is my second & final farewell, have fun with the development of EX3 - I'm sure it'll be a great movie. I will definitely watch it, probably wont get an invitation to the Premiere this time, but will be there on the opening day. Ciao!