Sep 10, 2013

Best Sly Pic Yet....

Hey EX3 fans!
Check out this pic of Sly...incredible....

Looks like Stallone had a day off recently and chose to check out "Riddick" and "We're the Millers"
Translation is :

"Stallone fills his spare time in Bulgaria with a striptease.

The actor was a fan of hot Jennifer Aniston.

Striptease with Jennifer Aniston fill free time Sylvester Stallone in the country. The actor, who starred in the study of "Nu Boyana Films' third installment of" The Expendables "ruffled some feathers among the visitors of metropolitan theater, having appeared in 15 people entourage, including several guards.

Star of "Rocky" chose to watch fiction feature "Riddick" with Vin Diesel, but shortly after the screening out and asked in what room radiates hit comedy "The Millers" story "Monitor."
Just last week, he again visited the hall of popular metropolitan theater to laugh the same story. It Jennifer Aniston is clumsy stripper with vulgar vocabulary, two children with severe puberty and drug dealer husband.

Over the weekend Stallone have brought with you and the whole constellation of "Expendables Been reserved for them one of the most luxurious rooms in the cinema. Subsequently, however, the action titanium came with another company, most of them were guards, witnesses told.

In addition to his works of director and actor Stallone is preparing for an exhibition in Russia. On October 27, he will present their works in the spirit of Expressionism in St. Petersburg. ръка звездата With brush in hand star is manifested more than 30 years, and his first exhibition was two years ago in Switzerland."

Lastly, check out what Rourke looks like right now. This report still claims he is in EX3, but I find it unlikely at this point.