Jul 4, 2013

Gibson in the Bulgarian News Again, Seagal Confirmed

Today many Bulgarian news sites have reported again that Gibson has negotiated (or is) with Stallone to play the #1 villain role in EX3. In addition to reporting Gibson, there are now new elements in the Bulgarian reports confirming that Seagal will fight Gibson alongside Stallone, Statham & Lundgren, and that the script has been rewritten many times to create enough room for so many stars specially after Schwarzenegger has joined the cast, and to include Chan, Cage, Snipes, Jovovich & Rourke. 
Well the Bulgarian media has been correct at times but not always. Hopefully they have a solid source of information this time. Gibson, Seagal, Chan, Snipes, Cage in addition to the returning EX cast, never thought they would top EX2...

Sources: 24chasa, novini, haskovo


  1. WOW!! I really hope Seagal is in!

  2. seagal and gibson are the perfect enimie...for the expendables 3..

  3. I think grandmaster seagal would be perfect for the. Expendable 3 and tony jaa to no jackey Chan please

  4. I would like to see grandmaster seagal I think he is perfect for ex3 and tony jaa to and I would be good for the movie to I have been train ing almost 20 years now shuri ryu karate

  5. Grandmaster seagal. And. Tony jaa would be perfect for ex3

  6. I think its freaking awesome!!!!! I just hope the new cast get enough action scenes and even though Stallone & Comp, are main actors, I think less of them like in the other movies would give all new actors more scenes than just a couple ones.

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