Jul 5, 2013

Less Screen Time for Statham? Seagal is his EX Friend!

It looks like Statham's screen time in EX3 might be shorter this time around. Yesterday he tweeted that he starts shooting #Fast7 in September, in Tokyo, Middle-East and Los Angeles. He is expected to start shooting EX3 in Bulgaria on Aug 20 which doesn't leave him a lot of filming time between then and September. 

A few days earlier he had tweeted that he loved his #Expendable friends @TheSlyStallone @Swarzenegger @sseagalofficial @Dolph_Lundgren @JCVDonline @terrycrews and off course #BruceW. Believing the recent reports that Seagal has joined EX3 as an EX team member, and wondering why Statham would include Seagal in his circle of EX friends, one could think that Seagal is indeed going to join the EX team and given the short filming time Statham could have on set, this all might make sense, you follow?

Stay tuned...

Source: Twitter

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