Jul 7, 2013

Insightful Pictures?

Stallone celebrated his birthday yesterday and his brother Franck posted this picture of himself with Stallone & Willis. Obviously we want to share this celebration and wish Stallone all the best, after all it's thanks to this man that we have the EX Franchise. Then ponder on this picture a little bit. I don't want to be the guy who sees clues everywhere but why among all the friends & actors, Willis is the one showing up in the picture. Was this a solicitation attempt for a role in EX3? We have confirmation on all the EX members except for Willis & Li, so hopefully Stallone's birthday party served to convince Willis for a role in EX3, you never know...
Another picture taken a couple of days ago, this time, it's Rourke, the mighty Mickey as Stallone likes to call him. Interesting to see that Rourke's in a good shape, he must have been preparing himself for EX3. Less than a month before production starts.


  1. I dont care about Mickey Rourke joining in EX3 or not............hoping about some BIG NAMES he is not an important character