Sep 9, 2013

Let's Talk About Jackets

When I was looking at pictures from the set of Expendables 3 again recently, I recognised a certain pattern from a previous picture:

The pattern on Ronda Rousey's jacket looks like the pattern on Arnold's jacket.
It made me think: maybe she became a member of Arnold's team?

Fast&Furious 7 starts filming soon and the movie will feature both Ronda Rousey and Jason Statham. Before Expendables 3 started filming we heard that Statham would be on the set of Expendables 3 until mid september and then fly to the set of F&F7. We don't know the certain date or if the filming schedule of F&F7 has changed in anyway, but let's assume Statham has to leave bulgaria in a week.
Maybe Ronda Rousey's schedule for F&F7 demands her on set next week too and she has to leave at the same time as Statham.

I assume the middle part of the movie will begin filming next week after Statham leaves; the part of the movie in which Barney Ross seeks out new members for the Expendables and goes on a mission with them. 
I believe Ronda Rousey was part of the team, but if she has to leave earlier than expected, they might have changed her role to be part of Arnold's team, who helps the Expendables out in the final battle against Conrad Stonebanks.

Or maybe they just thought the pattern looked cool. We might find out next week!
Though I'm sure we can say one thing for certain: Gunnar will make some clumsy and unsuccessful moves on her.