Jun 29, 2013

Mel Gibson Listed by Major French Movie Sites

Allocine is one the major French movie sites and was a sponsor of EX2 last year when it was released in France. They are supported by the French distributor of the EX franchise, Metropolitan FilmExport who were first to release a teaser poster back in fall 2011 which had the EX2 cast listed before it was even officially announced in the US (remember?).

Now Allocine has listed Gibson under the main cast of EX3 on their website. Not sure if they have some inside information coming from the French distribution company or they are speculating based on the recent rumors circulating on the net. Beside Gibson, they are also listing Willis & Li. I hope they are right. 

Allocine is not the only major French movie site having listed Gibson as an EX3 cast member, another French giant in the movie news business, Premiere, has done the same. Do the French have the confirmation on Gibson, or are they simply speculating.

You all know that I'm a big fan of the trio action legends: Sly, Arnold & Willis. As long as they're in the EX franchise I'm excited, now if they are also adding Gibson, Li (hopefully again) & Seagal, then I'm in ecstasy! And this is probably the reason I'm back blogging on EX3, remember I had retired on Aug 17, 2012 after EX2 opened in North America.

As always, stay tuned for more news!

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