Aug 31, 2013

Bruce Willis and the EX3 rumor!

Call this the Bruce Willis rumor...

A trusted gentleman who can be found on the amazing site known as StalloneZone reported something he heard from someone he trusts. Lets just call it a rumor. Well I reached out to Moviehole to see if they could dig a little deeper and this is what they had to say:

"Old friend of the site, and also a big supporter of everything action-movie, ABKing just shot us an email to say that, despite the kerfuffle, Bruce Willis is cameoing in “Expendables 3″ after all; apparently someone said somewhere that someone’s spotted the “Die Hard” actor on set.. or something. There’s no solid evidence backing the claim, so I’m just going to have to be big bad wolf here and blow that one down. Sorry! I find it hard to believe that Willis, particularly after Stallone’s comments, would make buddies with the “Expendables” star and agree to appear in the movie after all. But also, I’ve just done a google and Willis has been spotted around LA this week -and last time I checked LA wasn’t anywhere near Bulgaria. I’ll have Clint look into this one himself, but I personally don’t see it happening – not after the bad blood that’s seemingly been spilt between Sly and Bruce in recent weeks, but also, they’ve got Harrison Ford now.. wasn’t that the whole point of bringing in Ford? To replace Willis? So… end of story. I’m afraid it’s unlikely we’ll see John McClane and Rambo gunning side-by-side again.. not anytime soon, anyway."

A rumor or just a misunderstanding? Either way it sure is interesting!