Aug 26, 2013

The Crews Theory - Possible Spoiler

Lots of speculation on Crews since some on-set photos of him have shown up making some people believe that Hale Caesar will not make it. I have my own theory on the subject based on the following hypotheses:

1-The photos speak for themselves specially the one where he has a bullet in his chest.

2-He was seen in an interview (2nd interview in the link) hinting at the lack of room for 2 African-American lead roles in the franchise with the addition of Snipes. Plus we know that Snipes is an Expendable member in EX3 who was initially supposed to be cast in the franchise from the get go but his role went to Crews due to his jail sentence.

3-I know an African-American actress who auditioned for a role in EX3 similar to the one played as Billy's girlfriend in EX2.

This is a theory so please take it as such and draw your own conclusions.      


  1. i hope maybe crews only gets injured and ends up in the ER room. Crews cannot die...let him get injured but don't kill him.