Oct 22, 2013

EX3 is "in the can"!

That's a wrap! Sly tweeted this today:

"Expendables 3 in the can. Fantastic film. Ford, Gibson, Snipes, Banderas, and Grammer 
were amazing!"

"The young expendables: Rousey, Lutz, Ortiz, and Powell killed it!!"

Now bring on the teaser trailer in November or December!


  1. I hope the teaser will be better than the teaser for EX and EX2. Those teasers were boring.

    It is shameless, Gibson on set for about 10 days and these young pop star looking freaks are on set almost the whole time. That was not what was expected and wanted.

  2. I never understood Sly's Tweets. He goes months without saying a word, then Say "In the can".

    Lundgren, Li, Couture saying, "What about us? I guess we were NOT amazing..."

  3. EX2 teaser was mid-December 2011. That'd be a nice early Christmas present.

  4. I would love to see some photos of Kelsey Grammer on the set of The Expendables 3. I don't recall seeing any pictures of him on the set.

  5. Yes, it will be fantastic poor show. I hope, somebody will use idea EX and EX2 and will shoot the worthy movie. Bye-bye, Stallone! You greedy and lazy are a right way by the career end.

    1. Lol......skip English class?

    2. Excuse me, but English isn't my native language. Хотя я и учил английский в школе, но без разговорной практики овладеть языком очень сложно (I hope you understand Russian).