Oct 22, 2013

Sly and Davi

With production over with, looks like no New Orleans or LA filming ever materialized. So unless they somehow actually snuck onto the set in Bulgaria, no Chan, Willis, or Rourke. They were all rumored to be spotted on set, but this never was confirmed.

We do finally have a pic of Sly and Davi....


  1. Give up hope! We will surely see Chan, Willis, Rourke, Cage and Segal in other, good movies. And this franchize will quietly die on dull third part.

  2. Ofcause Chan Rourke and Willis are not in it. Why should there be secret cameo's when they got so many great stars in it already :) :D And hey, Seagal will NEVER be in any of the EX movies, so just give it up. And to say that we will see him in other *good* movies is an joke. Seagal's movies sucks, he hasn't make good movies in over 10 years.

  3. Я Вас умоляю! (It саn't translated) Уж как отсосал в прокате "Bullet to the Head", любо-дорого! (You remember as sucked in film distribution "Bullet to the Head"?) Для таких франшиз как EX нужны крутые перцы из 80-х - Chan, Willis, Rourke, Cage, Seagal, а не сопливые пупсики из бабских сериалов. (For such franchizes as EX they need kick-ass guys from the 80th - Chan, Willis, Rourke, Cage, Seagal, and not weenies or Disney princesses).

  4. "Я Вас умоляю!" = "By the god's sake" or smth like that.
    Still, really, who cares about dying movie industry? Future is for video games! =)