Aug 23, 2013

Hale Ceasar Is Hurt!

We have got some new pics from the set for you, and this time one of the Expendables is in trouble!
Couture helping Crews up on the truck.

Sly and Couture support a wounded Crews, while Lundgren, Statham and Snipes cover them.
Their positions are very reminiscent of the scene with the explosion posted yesterday.

Producer Avi Lerner chats with Snipes and Lundgren.

Yesterday's pictures with mayor Ivan Portnih showed some pretty messed up Expendables. Looks like they aren't treated with kid's gloves this time.
It's not the first time an Expendable got shot. Couture took a bullet after the fightscene in the tunnel in Expendables 1. But it looks like this time it actually has consequences and they won't forget about it immediately.

For the sake of Hale Ceasar, we hope it's only a fleshwound.