Aug 22, 2013

Rourke in EX3 After All???

Is Sly trying to pull a fast one on us? According to another Bulgarian online news article, Rourke has arrived on location. The translation is as follows:

"Later Ivan Portnih with Sylvester Stallone look of the footage in the tent turned into a makeshift assembly. Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Wesley Snipes and even told the mayor details of the action sequences involving.

"We were greeted very kindly by the team, the actors were friendly and shared some excellent impressions of the city. Were very intrigued by the lines of the oldest processed gold treasure discovered near Varna, which gave them," said Ivan later Portnih.

The "Invincible" 3 starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford. Mickey Rourke even arrived at the port of Varna on Wednesday morning with a big "Mercedes G-Class." The super expected to go in theaters next August."

Our very own Andrew adds this:

According to sources that I personally is being said that Mickey Rourke will be in THE EXPENDABLES 3. Now, let the speculation begin. The fact that he was not listed in the Press Release from Lionsgate leads one to believe that he could be killed off early by Mel Gibson. Or maybe it is a flashback scene. Who knows at this point, but what we do know is that it is great to have Mickey back!


If this is indeed true, I am super-excited. I was bummed when his name was not on the official cast list. But this could really make sense. Sly said he had "mountains of surprises" and "Mighty Mick is back!" on his Twitter account. Is Rourke on a mission with them? Does he get killed? By Conrad Stonebanks? Great news that I hope is not false reporting. EX3 is gonna be EPIC!