May 6, 2012

Anatomy of the EX2 Plot Part II - Possible Spoiler!

This is a revision of EX2 Blog's "Anatomy of the EX2 Plot" taking into account additional clues gathered from more recent interviews given by Lundgren & Couture, set photos, the official synopsis and the latest trailer. This is pure speculation on our part and is not the official plot of EX2 in any shape or form. It might be long but worth the read for the hardcore fans.

Opening Sequence, Rescue Mission in Asia:

Lundgren has hinted more than once that EX2 opens with a mission where the EX team rescues Schwarzenegger from some place in Asia (rumor has Burma). Schwarzenegger's prisoner outfit and bloody face seen in the very early set photos further strengthen the foregoing statement. 

The official trailer also gives us new images where the EXs are seen to escape thru a jungle by carrying someone (possibly Schwarzenegger), before we see Stallone & Statham faced with some Asian soldiers. In both trailer images below, we can clearly see two cables, sliding Stallone & Statham on one side, and in order Couture, Crews, possibly Lundgren (carrying Schwarzenegger) and Li on the other side. Hemsworth is not seen up in the air since we see him later as the sniper awaiting Stallone's signal to shoot the Asian soldiers after Stallone & Statham land on their feet.

Most of the scenes in the jungle must have been filmed in Bulgaria; Statham, Hemsworth & Couture, all seen in the jungle sequence did not film any scenes in Hong Kong where Li's scenes were shot. Yu does not seem to be part of the Asian mission. I believe she enters the team for the next mission probably replacing Li.

It is fair to assume that Li takes part of the rescue mission as another image in the trailer shows him fight some other Asian dudes. 
What happens to him in this mission or after is not very clear. He only filmed 4 days in Hong Kong, nothing in Bulgaria nor in New Orleans. He only appears to be part of the mission in Asia and probably not or very little in the mission that follows in Eastern Europe which we explore in the next section.

Church's Mission in Eastern Europe, Till the EX Kill

After the EXs come back from Asia, Church sends Stallone and his team to a new mission in Eastern Europe to bring back a package, it is said to be an easy one.

But things go wrong and one of their own is killed.

Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Crews, Couture, Hemsworth & Yu are all in this mission. Statham, Couture & Lundgren won't die as they have hinted to their possible participation in EX3. Crews, probably not, maybe at the end?

As for Li there are two possibilities: he either declines to follow Stallone in Eastern Europe after the rescue mission in Asia. Or he does follow the team but is killed early in the mission by Van Damme. The second assumption is less likely but still very possible. We still don't know for sure if Van Damme was only in Hong Kong by coincidence or did actually film a fight scene with Li. In either case Yu seems to be replacing him in Eastern Europe.

Although Li's fate is not 100% clear, we now know for sure that Hemsworth is killed by Van Damme or his men. The clues are very strong now. He was kicked by Van Damme on set, we saw a picture where he is bloody, he is no longer seen in the trailer with the EXs when Stallone says the now famous "find them, kill them", and not seen in the scenes where the EXs fight Van Damme's army wearing their black commando outfits. Needless to say that he did not film any scenes for the final battle at the airport either.

The mystery around Rourke: the EX team filmed a few scenes in New Orleans. They are said to be those where they gather before they leave for their mission, Carpenter was also there as Statham's girlfriend in the movie. There are rumors and speculation that Rourke was also there when all that happened. Some believe that Tool still dies and Rourke has a secret cameo where this all happens. Just a parenthesis as I don't have any facts to back this up.

Church's Mission in Eastern Europe, After the EX Kill

The mission was not as easy as they thought. One of their own (or maybe two) got viciously killed. The package they were sent to fetch fell in the hands of the wrong guys. So It's time for revenge and to stop Van Damme from his evil plan. This is where all the big fights, explosions, etc happen.

Things don't go as well, Van Damme's army is stronger than expected and Stallone and his crew are not able to overcome the challenge on their own. Willis, Schwarzenegger and Norris fly to their rescue.

Closing Sequence, Final Battle at the Airport

It seems that we'll see Norris in two different sequences of the movie. I believe that he first flies to EXs rescue where they have a fight scene in an old town in their plain clothes before they go commando for the airport scene. Norris had two series of pictures where the EX team appeared on 2 different sets and in 2 different outfits.

We should also see Norris at the airport (seen in the trailer and below) where Willis & Schwarzenegger also join the fight. 

The final battle at the airport is now very well established, many pictures and images from the trailer have been attesting to that. The finale is said to be one of the best action scenes in the history of action movies, reuniting Stallone, Willis & Schwarzenegger in one shot firing their guns.

The cherry on the cake is of course the one-on-one fight between Stallone & Van Damme. I let you guess the rest.


  1. "Although Li's fate is not 100% clear, we now know for sure that Hemsworth is killed by Van Damme or his men. The clues are very strong now."

    How can you say something is 100% clear and then talk about clues?

  2. Not sure what you mean here. I said NOT 100% clear!

  3. In the picture,Lundrgen dont carrying Arnold.Carrying Nan Yu,and sorry for my english.

  4. jet li no iba estar en la pelicula porque estaba en china pero stallone hizo un esfuerzo para que LI estuviera en la pelicula y filmo unas escenas en hong kong esa es la verdad de que JET saliera poco en la pelicula Van Damme no puede matar a Jet li ni nadie espero que Jet li aparezca en la ex 3

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  6. I was thinking the injured could be Jet Li. It kind of look small to be Arnold. Don't you think?

  7. I forgot one more thing, is the guy being carried bald? Is that his scalp there?

  8. Van Damme kills Li, Hemsworth and Yu. Nuk Soo Cow

  9. Finally the Scott Adkins official poster (not fan made)

    He truly deserves it !!

  10. The one being carried by Dolph is most likely Arnie. Although the silhouette might look a bit "small", keep in mind Dolph is the comparison here, and he's at least a couple inches taller than Arnold. In the screenshot from behind, the hair color and outfit of the individual seem to support this.

    Also, is it just me or does it look like Li's silhouette is in the back of the "helicopter" scene here?

    It looks like he's between Arnie and Sly in the back, having just exited the chopper. A split second after this capture when the camera zooms in, it looks even more likely that it's Li. Perhaps they'll still bring him in the final battle by using a stunt double and green-screen?