Aug 22, 2013

A Few Words From Andrew About EX3

Andrew here reporting on what is going to be the MOTHER OF ALL ACTION MOVIES with THE EXPENDABLES 3. So far EXBLOG has been keeping everyone up-to-date with all the set pics and videos and airport arrivals etc. Well come this weekend things get even BIGGER and BETTER because Arnold, Mel and Ford will be joining in on the fun and excitement thus far.

Little is known about who Ford plays. Will he be a C.I.A. guy a la Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) and gives the team the big mission, will he be an ex Expendable who is a gun wielding bad ass like Chuck Norris was in EX2 or could he possibly be a mysterious bad guy. Stay tuned...

Mel as a pumped up villain has all of us...well, pumped! He has never gotten into this kind of crazy shape before and the fact that he has hit the gym to play Conrad in EX3 leads us to believe he is going to have some amazing hand-to-hand fight scenes in the film as well as get in on some of the big action set pieces. Stay tuned...

As for Arnold...he has been hitting the gym like it was the 1990's if you look at recent pics of the man. Trench is going to be in on the action once more, but Arnold is going to take things up a notch. In EX1 he filmed for 4 hours. In EX2 he filmed for 4 days. With EX3..well...he arrives in Bulgaria this weekend and EXBLOG will have all the coverage and possibly find out how long Arnold will film for (hopefully at least 2 weeks). Stay tuned...



  1. I am curious who Ford is as well.

  2. Check out all the pics of today on the set of EX3, in a video on youtube with expendables music, enjoy:

  3. Arnold says he will film for 4 weeks......................

    1. Here you go guys here is an updated video #2 for pics of TODAY (different than my first video i did this morning. Youtube video with expendables music, please share and subscribe!

      AUGUST 22 (video #2)

      AUGUST 20

      AUGUST 21

      AUGUST 22 (video #1)