Sep 7, 2013

Quick Update

Hello EX3 fans!

Today we have a few quick pictures for you, courtesy of Legend Norris. The first is Wesley Snipes, in awesome shape. Everyone was worried about how he looked arriving at the Bulgarian airport. But he looks incredible. Definitely in shape. The guy next to him created the customized motorcycles for the film.

Next is a simple shot of the set chairs for Stallone, Ford and Hughes.

Lastly, is something that we never really saw from EX2. A model of Van Damme's head. We saw Sly carry the bloody bag of Vilain's cut off head, but never the head itself. Well here it is. I must say, it looks excellent.....a lot of work went into recreating his head.....a shame it was never seen on screen. But, is it possible this is actually for EX3? Does Vilain's twin brother walk in, with this in a jar or something? Cliffhanger for EX4?


  1. EX2 was a huge missed opportunity

    1. Yeah, I agree. As cool as it was getting Chuck Norris, his role could have been so much stronger than it was. Arnold just read off one-liners that weren't funny. And we all it know it was shot for PG-13.(which is really was, despite the weird R-rating it got).

  2. Dear Jeff,

    Do you have any information, when it's possible to see the cast of "The Expendables 3" on location in Bulgaria, again?
    Well, I am planning to travel to Bulgaria from now on to see Sly & Co. on set. Unfortunately, I couldn't go, when their were filming in Varna.

    Please, it would be very kind by you, if there's a hint you may give me?!

    Thank you very much!


  3. Hi Monika,

    EX3 is filming at Nu Boyana Film Studios, near Sofia. Besides Varna, they have also shot around downtown Sofia, and at an airfield. I don't have their production schedule, so I have no idea where they are filming on any particular day. Most of it is a closed set, so it may be tough for you to visit the cast. I know they are filming through October. Some of the cast, Arnold, Ford, and Crews are already done with their filming. If you get a chance to meet anyone, get some good pics to share! Good Luck!

  4. another version of the Arnold/Sly pic