Sep 6, 2013

The Infamous New EX3 Poster: What's The Deal?

By now, everyone has seen the new Expendables 3 poster that Millennium Films has on their EX3 page. Lots of internet talkback about this. Is it real? Or fake?

Well, since it's on their website, it certainly isn't fake or fan-made. But it is among the worst posters I have ever seen on an official studio website. Let's look at the problems.

First, they just took the EX1 skull logo, and put white over it, and the simple EX3 letters. Then they added the cast. Super-simple...probably took someone 10 minutes to make.

The text for the cast members is some plain Times New Roman font that no one would ever use in a real movie poster. Antonio Banderas gets 3rd billing? Really? Over Jet Li? Uh, I don't think so. I'm not even sure Davi will get his name on the poster, even at the bottom. He wasn't mentioned in the official press release.

But the real kicker is seeing "Harrison Harrison Ford" What is this? I guess he has a middle name of Harrison that we never knew about. LMAO.

I think an intern made this, just to fill the website with something. LOL I could see this maybe as a quick fan-made poster, but the studio itself is displaying it. Unbelievable. Hopefully the REAL EX3 teaser poster will appear in the coming weeks or months.

Sorry for the rant.....slow news day....


  1. I agree that the poster sucks and needs to be replaced or taken down!

  2. I agree. The people demand a better one!

  3. Another commentor gave a good input about this poster simply being official without the studio announcing it. I agree with the guy. If there was an announcement, then yes you can post if up here and comment all you want. But since it was simply on their site without any major announcement, and you guys saw it and regarded it as official and making reports about it, that's pre-judgment. We as fans simply do not want other sites making reports about this poster and the movie gets negative impressions already.

    Before posting this up, you should email Lionsgate and get an official black and white if this is indeed an official teaser or just something to "fill up space" just like what the guy commented.

    1. I have emailed Liongate about it. We'll see if we get a response. No harm in talking about artwork posted on a studio website.

  4. THIS :

    I disagree. An official poster Becomes official only if it is announced. Just because someone barged into Millennium's web site and saw that image being used, they claim that its official.

    Some studios simply put images just to fill up space. That's about it.

    This is a bad publicity for EX3 and should never be reported. I am surprised that another latest update is again about this poster and later on major sites are going to pick it up and fans are going to get rage with this. Anything which bad about this movie, if it is not made public yet, should remain undisclosed. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Well, they usually don't announce a teaser just shows up. Anyway, here at the Blog, we cover everything, good or bad, that is EX3 related. The studio has to answer for it.

  5. This poster is worse than the other fan made posters here.