Oct 14, 2016

Seagal Interested in Villain Role

It looks like Seagal wants to be in the EX franchise at last. To a fan's tweet suggesting whether he'd be in "Expendables 4 ? vILLian ?  need a bad~ass to take 'em down", Seagal responded that he "would be willing to chat with He knows I [Seagal] appreciate his project."

Well it is a very encouraging statement since Seagal was not really interested in the past due to his fallout with Lerner (rumor has it). I for one am super excited if this happens, I always felt the franchise missed him big time along with Jackie Chan, and if EX4 can pull if off to have those guys finally in it, it'd be complete and can close off on a high note (well given that the baby Expendables are not in it anymore and it's rated a solid R).

The only concern now is whether EX4 will ever happen...if it does will Sly be in it?