Apr 30, 2012

Fans Favorite #DirtyDozen Character Posters

After the release of the #DirtyDozen Character Posters, a few websites have gauged fans to choose their favorite poster. We gathered a few results from different websites. In addition to Lundgren who probably has the most badass poster, Norris, Schwarzenegger & Van Damme seem to be the other most popular characters. Maybe because fans await their comeback the most vs. other action stars who have been more active over the past few years.

Lundgren                29.6%
Van Damme           17.5%
Norris                      15.4%
Schwarzenegger  13.7%


Norris                      100
Schwarzenegger   71

Stallone                  49
Van Damme           45

Expendables Premiere

Van Damme           44.6%
Schwarzenegger   16.2%
Lundgren                12.4%
Stallone                  10.6%

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