Sep 30, 2013

Sly Adresses His Socialmedia Vent About Bruce Willis

Early august, just weeks before Expendables 3 started filming, Stallone took his frustration about Willis' money demands to twitter. While not addressing Willis by name, it was pretty clear who the lines "greedy and lazy" referred to. Especially only 5 minutes after announcing Willis was out.

This could not have come at a more unfortunate time for Willis, who was advertising his movie RED 2, or at least was told to do so. Willis displayed a behaviour during interviews, that made him apologise several times afterwards. Among saying he doesn't care for action movies and he only does them, because they pay good, all the bad press he created for himself and even a famous and good friend openly criticising him didn't paint him in a good light.

Now Sly admits a socialmedia misstep by being so vocal to Empire Magazine:

"This is just a matter of economics. 

Bruce has been a lifelong friend. I still consider him a friend, at least on my side. This is something that came out of frustration, but it also turned out okay.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so vocal with it." 

It's not clear if they had a chance to talk about it(Sly being busy in bulgaria might have prevented it so far), but Sly doesn't seem to hold a grudge.
We hope Willis reconsiders his attitude too, after the media-beating he took last month.

Source Yahoo Movies


  1. If Bruce Willis gets offered a role in The Expendables 4, hopefully, Bruce won't demand a million dollars per day like he did for The Expendables 3. It's all Bruce's fault for not being in The Expendables 3. Bruce really has been greedy and lazy in recent years which explains why he's been in so many terrible movies in recent years and given so many horrible acting performances in recent years too.

  2. This is Sly greedy and lazy. If it was not so, in Expendables already acted not only Chan, Cage, Seagal, Jovovich and Rourke but also Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Vin Diesel, Hulk Hogan, Olivier Gruner and can even Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Charlie Sheen and others. And if to save on actors, only and it is necessary to remove "young blood" and to swallow of a dust behind successful projects.