Sep 30, 2013

Mel Talks EX3

In this USA Today article, Mel Gibson talks about getting in shape for EX3.

For Conrad Stonebanks in The Expendables 3 (due out next summer), Gibson has even sculpted himself into shape, working with a trainer and modifying his diet over three months before trying to annihilate Sylvester Stallone and his crew.

"I just want Sly to look good. And he's not going to look good if he's beating up a fat old man," says Gibson. "I have been working really hard at it. A lot of cardio and very light weight training, nothing heavy."

Gibson looks so cut that after he was photographed leaving a Malibu gym, online pundits insisted he couldn't have achieved the look without steroids.

"That's just hard work, dude," Gibson insists. When asked about steroids he laughs: "Have you seen the side-effects of some of that crap? Forget it, that's too scary."

Glad to finally hear something from Gibson about EX3. We have seen the pictures of him going to the gym, but nothing else. He is expected to be in Bulgaria this week.


  1. Finally, the MEL hype begins!!!

  2. hahaha,,,,Just got word from Couture himself that he will be back in the U.S on October 9th...So, I don't know how long Mel will be filming for but my guess is a little longer than the 9th, but maybe he is only going to do a few scenes with the other Expendables besides Stallone

    1. Wow cool! Does that mean more guys will return? How about Arnold (He's filming Maggie now), Jet Li (Is he back in China?) , Lundgren (He's filming his DTV stuff now) and Statham (He's gone for FF7 right) ?

      Who is currently in Bulgaria now shooting the Bridge Scene? Sly, Snipes, and Banderas?

  3. Arnold, Li and Statham are all done. Lundgren is back on set this week. He had last week off and was shooting his TV show.

  4. Mel Gibson's character Conrad Stonebanks will definitely be the greatest ever villain of The Expendables movie franchise. Mel is a great actor and he will bring so much intensity, rage and aggression into his Expendables 3 role for sure.

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