Jul 12, 2013

Lost in Translation!

It's sometimes mind blowing how news travel fast nowadays with the invention of the internet. Within 24 hours after I reported on Gibson & Seagal being confirmed in EX3 via the Bulgarian news agencies, some major (and other minor) news websites in the US and in other western countries picked up my post and ran with it. Which I don't mind at all, on the contrary I'm kinda honored every time another website relays one of my posts from EXBlog. What I find interesting is how information can sometimes get lost or misinterpreted after it's passed around.

Last Friday the first American news outlets that picked up my post kept close to its content and just paraphrased it a little bit (probably to make it sound more marketable), no problem there. Later throughout the week my post started to surface on quite a few overseas websites but a little bit distorted at times. The French movie website Premiere for instance has gone as far saying that "the production of EX3 is setting up a huge action scene in Bulgaria. A scene that would involve Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham ... And a DUEL between Mel Gibson and Steven Seagal"! Cool, I wish it was true. Another website reported that EXBlog was a Bulgarian fan site (WTF!!!). Although I've been to many countries of Europe, I have not set foot in Bulgaria yet (I'd love to go though while EX3 is being shot there, maybe Stallone will extent me an invitation).

Any way, it's all good, and I'm glad the news has gained such a momentum. Even if Gibson/Seagal are not 100% confirmed through official sources yet, the buzz this piece of news has made might help things move forward a little faster for the fans, at the end it's all about the fans, I'm just a messenger!

Here's a list of some of the websites that reported the Gibson/Seagal news:

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