Jul 16, 2013

Mel Gibson Confirmed in EX3!

It's official, Gibson will be the villain in EX3 as it has been strongly rumored for some time now. Stallone tweeted a few hours ago that it will be "Mad Max vs Barney Ross..."

Excited? Hell Yeah...


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  2. No I'm not excited at all. I had no special wish for Mel Gibson in Ex3 and I dont like the whole idea of him being the villain, he should have had a much smaller part like a cameo as the head of CIA or something.

    1. why so serious?

    2. Really? Putting his personal life aside for a moment, what other reason would you not want Mel Gibson to have a huge part in this movie? Not only is Mel one of the greatest actors of his generation, but he more than proved he's a total badass in his Mad Max and Lethal Weapon roles, as well as movies like Braveheart, The Patriot, etc., etc., etc.