Aug 21, 2013

Gibson On His Way

Martin Riggs himself, Mel Gibson, will be in Bulgaria by the weekend. Obviously, from his recent picture, he has been keeping in tremendous shape. He will be the toughest villain yet in this franchise. I can't wait to see what he will bring to his character. I certainly hope there is a great, extended fight scene between him and one of the good guys.

Ronda Rousey is on her way also. She just Tweeted - "Last day of training in LA before leaving for Sofia Bulgaria to film Expendables 3...."

Another Bulgarian news article translates as...

"Help our boat with divers guard and watch over the security of stuntmen and actors Sylvester Stallone's action "Expendables 3" which started filming at sea.Following the agreement with Varna port set to move in 6 hours 10 berth at the pier. "Somali" chase boats on water at 35-40 knots, equivalent to 50-60 km / h and there is a risk or a camera man come off the board. Then trained divers jump into the sea to rescue equipment and people. Ship "Ilse" in the same berth was ready to load Bulgarian grain, but waited to take the picture. According to unofficial information dock warehouses to the port were from early in the morning Sylvester Stallone and Jason Staten. Than boats and a helicopter flew dangerously .Varna Mayor Ivan Portnih accepted in his cabinet Hollywood producer and owner of "New Image" Avi Lerner. "Much like the location of the port of Varna, which is very suitable for filming. Filming with a helicopter - a great action movie with a big budget," said the producer.He invited the Mayor set to meet with the stars of American cinema production - Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Jason Staton. Over 1,200 people are hired for the shoot in Varna, said the guest. During the meeting they discussed the possibilities of tax incentives for foreign producers."

And yet one more...

Shortly before filming of "Expendables 3" in Bulgaria two glvanite actors Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes is popekoha near the Black Sea, according to "Monitor".They went to the beach of "Riviera" to Varna and although he tried not to fight in the eyes were immediately seen by their fans. Some of them even managed to be photographed with their pets and their autograph.Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes arrived in Bulgaria on Sunday late night. They were housed in incognito hotel "Imperial".Yesterday began the first day of shooting of "The Expendables 3" near the shipyard "Bulyard" in Varna. Because of Sly, Statham and Snipes team of Hollywood super extras are banned to import phones, cameras and any filming equipment. All who enter the set are checked.On site is built decor, which should resemble landscapes from Somalia. For this purpose, since dawn of the factory buses arrived with statins. They are selected mainly among blacks students in the country. They will be guarding the Somali Mafia, whose role is played by Wesley Snipes. At least 500 people were on the set.These days expected sea capital to arrive and the other stars of "The Expendables 3".

Photos in Varna will continue until the middle of next week.

Good stuff, folks. This movie is gonna be EPIC!