Sep 9, 2013

Gibson Making Headlines Again

Looks like Mel Gibson is making headlines again...and not in a good way. According to this TMZ report, Gibson went off on some Malibu cops, but was let go. He better watch it, before he gets thrown in jail again. EX3 needs him.

Also, he was spotted at a hormone-replacement clinic again. Seems he is serious about getting in top shape for his role in EX3.


  1. No one knows, frustrating.

    1. Yes it is a Little bit strange we haven't heard anything yet.

  2. I hope that Mel Gibson arrives in Bulgaria long before October arrives. It's so frustrating that he still hasn't arrived in Bulgaria. It looks like we won't be getting a scene in Expendables 3 that features Mel with Harrison Ford and also Mel with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It also looks like Mel won't be getting 30 plus minutes of screen time either.