Dec 29, 2013

New Expendable Rousey Remains UFC Champ

UFC women’s bantamweight champion and new Expendable Rousey defended her title against rival Tate, but her win did not come in the first round, and it was no walk in the park.

After a spirited back-and-forth fight, Rousey secured her patented armbar early in the third round to notch her second win over Tate, whom she took the Strikeforce belt from in March 2012.

While the champion’s performance was dominant, her behavior after the fight wasn’t applauded. Rousey refused to shake Tate’s hand in the cage and was loudly booed by the crowd.

A winded Rousey congratulated Tate for her performance, but added, “Once you insult my family, I can’t shake your hand.”

Although I'm not a big fan of a younger group of Expendables, I have to admit that Rousey is one hell of a fighter and her current UFC champ status is all positive publicity for "The Expendables 3".  It is well known that Sly is a marketing genius and has proved it once again with EX3 and its new cast.


  1. I'm glad her first big screen appearance will be with EX3 now and not F7 :)


    Happy New Year