Dec 28, 2013

EX2 Extended Cut Wanted By The Fans

Hello EX3 fans!

With EX3 in post-production now, many fans are wondering if there will be an EX2 Director's cut, or "Extended cut" released around August, to capitalize on the promotion. As Simon West said in his EX2 commentary, many scenes were cut short, due to the movie being too long. I'm not going to go into that, but it is obvious why certain powers wanted EX2 a certain length. Since Simon West is long gone from the EX franchise now, I'm not sure this will happen.

Jet Li's fight scene, the best in the whole movie, was cut in half. This really bugged me, as Jet only shot a few days. One would think they would want every frame of him onscreen. We also know from behind-the-scenes footage, there was a little more to the Sly-Van Damme fight that wasn't used. Who knows about the Adkins-Statham fight. Probably some of that was trimmed.

Sure, we have the deleted scenes that were included as part of the EX2 Blu-ray, but it would be nice to have everything that was shot in a Director's cut, so we can all see it put together. Several minutes of the airport scene were completely cut out, with Toll Road, Hale Caesar and Maggie all getting their fight scenes removed.

Maybe some of the scenes needed trimming, maybe not, but as fans, we deserve to see every frame shot. Hopefully Lionsgate will realize this and give us what we want. The EX1 Director's cut was superior to the theatrical cut, in a lot of people's opinions. Bring on the EX2 Director's cut!