Nov 2, 2013

Ford: I knew Arnold, but he wasn't there!

In a recent interview Ford said he had "a great time" working on The Expendables 3. He further revealed: "It was fun actually. I knew Arnold, but he wasn't there. I knew him from conservation work that we have done in collaboration . We're both interested in preserving the natural world.

And I hadn't met Sylvester Stallone, but I admire his work as a filmmaker, and I had a great time."

Ford wasn't giving anything away about his role in the movie, but would only reveal: " I was there for a short period of time, so in and out."

 Here's the video:


  1. Harrison Ford is lying yet again. Arnold and him did spend time together in Bulgaria during filming for Expendables 3. Harrison is getting very annoying due to his lying.