Jan 5, 2014

Statham: Chopper Scene with Ford, Arnold, Li & Banderas, Hallucinating

In an exclusive interview with the French movie outlet Premiere, Statham talked about The Expendables 3:

P: You must have also lived quite hallucinating moments in Expendables 3 ...

JS: There is one [moment] in particular that will be marked in my memory: I was there in that chopper piloted by Harrison Ford, surrounded by Jet Li, Antonio Banderas, Arnold Schwarzenegger with his cigar in his mouth, Dolph Lundgren ... I felt like going down to take a picture, it was just amazing. The director, Patrick Hughes, could not believe it himself. He turned to the team and asked every two seconds: "I'm dreaming, or what I'm seeing is actually happening?"

P: You think there was enough testosterone in that chopper?

JS: I still can't believe he managed to take off! (Laughter.)

If you read French here's the entire interview, you can also use Google translator...