Jan 30, 2020

An EX Spin-Off?

A new story on the development of EX4 initially reported by this website has been picked up by several smaller movie news outlets. The story insinuates that EX4 will be a spin-off a la F&F moving Statham to the  front and center, pushing Sly to the background in a supporting role. Arnold and some of the key cast members are expected to be back but not confirmed. The spin-off should also see the introduction of new and more international members not seen before.

The authenticity of the story has not been verified and should be taken with a grain of salt until further official statements are made by producers or cast members.

If true, I find the idea quite appealing and refreshing. Given the length of time it has taken this project to develop, I was actually thinking how challenging it would be now to have Sly at his age take on the lead role for the franchise, and continue the same formula over again with a group of very aged actors, noting that the formula of introducing younger actors had miserably failed in the 3rd installment.

Statham is a more secure bet as a lead surrounded by less prominent famous supporting actors who have seen their peek passed since a decade ago. His popularity has been quite strong since his introduction into the F&F franchise, and the spin-off formula has already paid off with the latest Hobbs & Shaw and to some extent with Xander Cage by introducing a more international cast roster.

The saga continues?

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