Oct 4, 2021

The Early EX4 Theory: Time To Recap

Alright, a lot has been happening in a short period of time, which is expected when production kicks off. Let’s recap and have some fun speculating…

EX4 is now a sure thing to be a spin-offish installment. The movie is  called EX4, from the title on the script to how all the actors, production crew are referring to it. Now whether it gets changed or attached to the infamous “Christmas Story” tagline is still likely.

The lead is Statham, it’s been confirmed several times now including by Sly himself. A new team is shaping up to support Statham, now who’s on the new team is everyone’s guess at this point but we have some solid information. 
Fox is a sure bet, 50 Cent is on the team, Scipio is one of the mercenaries on the new team playing Glago’s son apparently. Levy Tran seems to be on the new team as well. Sheila Shah might be on the new team (she posted a training video of herself citing an upcoming role as a mercenary) but she could also be the head of the CIA compound (it’s supposed to be a female character). 
Couture had revealed at some point that there were a couple of new female characters on the team, could be the ladies mentioned above.
Lundgren & Couture will be filming until the end so they should be there with the new team in some capacity.  
As for Jaa, it could go either way. He could very well be one of the Expendables or one of the villains (Bok).  Garcia is the CIA contact replacing the likes of Willis and Ford. 

Clues are pointing to an unexpected surprise in the movie. Sly could die (less likely) or is captured in the movie. We know for sure now that Sly will only film for a couple of weeks in London. His role is secondary and he won’t be an integral part of the movie, won’t be filming in Bulgaria or Greece where there is a good month of production with large structures and a ship already built to shoot massive action scenes and car chases, most likely the final battle according to Greek officials. 
Another possibility is that Sly plays a similar role to what Arnold had in EX3, where he flies the new Expendables team out at the end. The potential new members of the Expendables team (Fox, Tran, Scipio, 50 Cent, Garcia) are all supposed to be in London. So Sly could possibly be meeting them at some point in the movie.

Whatever happens in London is where the story ends for Sly. A large opening fight scene could be in the works in London where the old Expendables team kicks the movie off. We should also have a fight scene between Sly/Statham and a group of bikers in a bar. What happens after the opening scene is the million dollar question. 

Regardless of how the movie plays out, the fate of Sly, who’s on the new team, who’s the villain, one thing is sure, EX4 is taking a totally different turn from its predecessors, moving away from the original concept and soft rebooting the franchise. 

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