Barney Ross

Aka The Schizo, is a veteran Expendable and leader of the team. Barney was trained in hand-to-hand and has extensive special weapons training. He's a true Fighting Man who lives by a code, driven by his own personal sense of Respect, Righteousness and Revenge. For Ross every mission is the last mission... till the next mission. 

Barney must now grapple with the sudden loss of one of his own as his team sets out to get the people who have done one of theirs a great disservice. There’s this turn of events that you don't expect. It’s a tough thing for Barney. At one point, Barney asks ‘Why is it the ones who deserve to live, that want to live the most, die -- and the ones that don't deserve to live, keep on going?’”

Actor Sylvester Stallone
First Seen The Expendables
Last Seen The Expendables 3
Name Barney Ross
Status Alive
Job Mercenary


  1. Big Barney Ross

  2. The whole reason to watch this movie is simply for this man right here. Rambo, Rocky and now Barney Ross. Still the best action hero in Hollywood.