Lee Christmas

A British former S.A.S. (Special Air Service) soldier, the principal special forces unit of the British Army. An expert at close quarters combat using knives. Expendables second in command of the team. 

The knife-wielding killing machine who wears his heart on his sleeve and struggles in his personal relationships. Stay out of his way if you know what’s good for you… and avoid mentioning the name ‘Lacy’.

Actor Jason Statham
First Seen The Expendables
Last Seen The Expendables 3
Name Lee Christmas
Status Alive
Job Mercenary


  1. Lee Christmas is fly with knifes.

  2. The Transporter

  3. statham jacket

    Lee Christmas is a great actor and we love his work

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  5. I love to watch the movie that acted by Lee Christmas very much. He is a very great actor and a touch guy, he is my hero.