Dec 28, 2011

Profiling The New Expendables: Liam Hemsworth (Billy The Kid)

After Nan's profile, Liam Hemsworth (Billy The Kid) is next on the list, another new addition to the EX team. He is more known to the North American audiences than Nan but probably not by much. To many people the name Hemsworth is not that alien and resonates with "Thor" played by Chris- Liam's older brother - but less is known about the younger Hemsworth, specially to the 80's-90's action movie generation who forms the largest piece of the EX2 fan base.

Born in Australia in 1990, his first noticeable exposure in North America was through "The Last Song" where he played Miley Cyrus's love interest, who also happens to be his girl friend in real life. But he really came to international notice in 2011 when he was cast in "The Hunger Games" a future blockbuster movie produced by Lionsgate who also look after EX2's distribution in the US - coincidence?!

To many fans the selection of Hemsworth in EX2 came as a surprise and was not well understood, but to Lionsgate the eventual success of "The Hunger Games" could bring a new and younger audience for EX2. To Stallone the Expendables "also need some new blood in there, a Navy Seal-type, because with the Expendables none of them have 20-20 vision anymore. They need some help, man". Rumor has it that Taylor Lautner was first thought of to play the "new blood" but declined the offer - thank you Lautner.

Hemsworth was officially announced on Sep 19 to join EX2 two weeks after Millennium Films posted the cast minus his name on their website, to take it down two days later. The news of his involvement in EX2 was widely covered by the media including the Australian Herald Sun reporting him as Rourke's replacement quoting his agent as their source of information. Initially thought to play a character named Timmons, he's set to play Billy The Kid, a new member of the Expendables, possibly a sniper. 

First called to play a role in the 1st EX movie but then written off, the extent of his role in EX2 is not known yet. He arrived on set on Oct 21, almost a month after production started in Bulgaria. He spent less time on set than the other EXs (except Li), which could translate into less screen time than the rest of the team. If Rourke's character (Tool) is not the EX to die then I think Hemsworth's character is the most probable to be next on the list - see our theory of the plot, possible spoiler!

Stallone wanted "some new blood", Lionsgate is possibly seeking a wider and younger audience, not all the fans approve of it, the addition of Hemsworth should not have any major negative impact on EX2. If Stallone plays him right it could actually turn out to be positive.

That's it for Hemsworth, next profile is Adkins.

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