Jan 14, 2012

EX2 Blog Mentioned by Popular Movie News Sites

A couple of days ago EX2 Blog was mentioned by several popular movie news sites for one of our posts that reported on the two new EX2 stills featuring Yu Nan & Stallone. I never thought this blog would ever receive the attention of the mass media. When I first started this blog with my friends, we were just looking for a space on the web where we could express our passion and gather our thoughts, writings, and all the news on EX2 in one place. We knew there could be some fans who would accidentally come across this blog and appreciate its content and share our passion, but I never thought our audience would grow so fast in such a short period of time. This blog has been only up and running since late November.

To many it may not be a big deal but trust me, I've been a businessman for many years and when you do something out of passion, work hard at it and stay professional, it always pays off and it's extremely rewarding. Yeah OK I'm getting too emotional here, this blog is really for fun, and my friends & I hope that it keeps making action fans like ourselves happy.

I'd like to thank all my friends & fans who have been supporting this blog by providing the latest news on EX2, writing stories (Jean for his fascinating and methodical theories, Elrey for sourcing the latest news and pictures from all around the globe), and last but not least Patrick of Expendables Premiere for his unconditional support from the beginning. I promise to keep it up and running at least until August 17.

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  1. Felicitaciones amigos ustedes son los mejores siempre al tanto de las noticia entregándonos las primicia de esta espectacular película y su elenco de elite GRACIAS!!

  2. You also got mentioned on Moviehole.com, which is my personal movie news site of choice. Congrats bro