Aug 23, 2013

EX3 Full Cast About To Assemble

Well the time is finally here! Gibson, Ford, Schwarzenegger, everyone will be finally shooting together next week. Hopefully Li will be on set also. It is truly amazing that Sly got this incredible cast together. Who would have ever thought that Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford would agree to be in an Expandable movie?
I do believe Rourke is in Bulgaria as well. Not only did the local media there spot him, they described the car he was in as well. My hunch is that he gets killed in a mission by Conrad Stonebanks, a very bad-ass villain. Word is Chan is making a secret cameo as well. But would it really be that secret? Sly Tweeted that Chan was in many months ago, but he was never listed on the official cast list. Time will tell....
The best parts of the movie will get filmed in the next week or 2. The big battle scenes, since they have everyone together. We know Statham has to leave in mid-September for Fast Seven. I'll be curious to see how much screen time he ends up with and how his absence is explained.
We all saw many photos leaked this week, many more than when EX2 was filming. It looks like the team is dressed in Somalian gear taking on Somalian bad guys (it appears). Everyone was bloody, especially Crews, who was being helped after being injured. Does he die? Can't really tell, but I like the fact that the team is really in danger, not just mowing down the bad guys. Snipes is with the good guys, which is surprising. I expected him to be a Simon Phoenix-type of bad guy, possibly Gibson's top bad guy/henchman. Maybe he turns on the team? So hard to tell. We don't know if the scene being shot was the open of the movie, or possibly a flashback?
Antonio Banderas? We have absolutely no idea who he is playing and what side he is on. I think he is on Gibson's side, but who knows.
And what about Harrison Ford's character? Is he a slimy CIA-type, like Church was? Or is he actually on Gibson's side? Robert Davi is also in EX3, saying he shoots his scenes with Gibson, so I assume he is bad. Ronda Rousey, Victor Ortiz Glen Powell are all headed over. Not too sure what there exact roles are. I believe they are the "new blood" that Sly talked about. Young and tech-savvy, I think they are supposed to be on Sly's team at some point. A little confused on this. Anyway, IMDB has character names for them. Rousey is "Luna", Ortiz is "Mars", and Powell is "Thorn/Wifi". Interesting names, if true.
Anyway, we will have so much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months ahead. So stay tuned here, your #1 source for Expendables 3 news!