Aug 30, 2013

Arnold had a dozen suitcases says Bulgarian news outlet!

Google Translation: "I'm glad I'm back here and thank you for your hospitality," said a welcoming its media Arnold Schwarzenegger at the beginning of his second visit here.

Another of invincible and immortal even in film, arrived in the country for the filming of "Expendables 3." The once unstoppable Terminator, Commando and Agent landed at Sofia Airport shortly after 15 pm and soon appeared on the outcome of the VIP lounge smiling in the company of producer Avi Lerner.

Thinner (from muscles) and grow in size (waist), Schwarzenegger arrived in jeans, a blue shirt, dyed red hair and two silver jewelry on his right hand - a massive American flag bracelet and a ring with a skull.

Actor (politician) was polite and gave autographs to a few willing, find time to answer the question is there already a favorite: "Yes, the studio! Unfortunately, we have no time to look at the country as usually work until 1 o'clock at night. But I'm glad that we would enjoy a lovely meal and your hospitality. "Then Arnold's dozen suitcases and Avi Lerner drove a jeep to four Boyana.

Schwarzenegger returns to the role of professional mercenary Trench, who has jokingly rivalry with his colleague Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone). The character appeared briefly in the first film from 2010 in "The Expendables 2" Arnold had a lot more screen time, and the third ... will find in the middle of August 2014.

Does this mean he will stay for a longer time? One can only hope so...


  1. Hoping for a two week shoot from Arnold...

  2. not for 2 weeks I would like to see him for entire movie...............

    1. Well in two weeks they can cram a lot in. He'll probably get a good 30 minutes of screen time.

    2. 30 minutes of screen time is not enough for him we want to see him for at least 1 hour of screen time

  3. Anonymous, of course we want that but it is doubtful.

  4. "for at least 1 hour of screen time"....LOL. This isn't a stand-alone Arnold movie. Be glad he even is in the movie.