Jan 12, 2012

EX2 Production to Move to Hong Kong Instead of China

This was breaking news on many sites in Hong Kong/China today. According to various Chinese language news sources, the EX team will be shooting in Hong Kong and no longer in mainland China. Apparently production was not able to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in mainland China and will have to move to Hong Kong instead. Filming should start early next week.

It's hard to get a proper translation of the articles but many of them are also mentioning Willis &
Schwarzenegger, and it's not evident to conclude whether they are said to be part of the cast travelling to Hong Kong or simply cited as the big name actors playing in the movie. Stay tuned for more news to come soon...
Update: I had one of my Chinese friends translate the articles and he tells me that  according to the Sina Daily News which is a huge news paper in China, Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger & Lundgren are all said to go to Hong Kong soon. I would take this with a grain of salt though, I'd wait until we get a more official confirmation. 

Other info, they will film in a factory in Tuen Men for 4 days, so the total production time might be longer. Here's a video showing the factory where they will be shooting.

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