Jan 11, 2012

Sly & Arnold to Team Up in The Tomb!

I know this is not EX2 related and I usually don't post anything that is not EX2 related but I couldn't let this one go. We've all heard that Stallone is going to be starring in THE TOMB, well according to Ain't it Cool News Stallone "has a very interesting co-star that is currently circling and discussing with Sly to join him in THE TOMB... and that's Arnold Schwarzenegger". This is probably the best thing that could ever happen to complete EX2, a true Stallone/Schwarzenegger face-off, there is a God of action movies after all?


  1. Clash of the Action Titans!! I've been waiting thirty years for this to happen!!

  2. Same here man, 30 years, but worth the wait if they go ahead with the project