Jan 11, 2012

EX2 Filming in New Orleans!

Couture just posted a photo of himself from on the set of EX2 in New Orleans! Well it looks like they are not yet in China contrary to what we thought, I'm now thinking that Carpenter will also be filming her scenes in the US and not in China, she tweeted last night that she was fitting today.

Update 1: Couture just tweeted that he's "In N'awlins on set for the Expendables II, then back to Vegas on Friday for @Xtreme_Couture training camp then Saturday's GI Poker Tourney!" Sounds like he's either not going to China or at least won't go until next week!! Crews also Tweeted that he landed in NO yesterday. Stay tuned...

Update 2: Carpenter tweeted today "Sly, Jason, Dolf, Randy, Liam,Terry- I am a lucky lady!". I'm inclined to assume all those guys filmed in NO. What a change of plan, all this was unexpected and raises some question marks...

Update 3: Carpenter confirmed on her twitter account that "Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Bruce, Arnold and Vandame" are in EX2 but she "didn't work with them". This confirms that none of those guys has been filming in NO as we suspected they wouldn't. She also said she "wish she had more time with this band of bros" which implies she won't be going to Hong Kong.


  1. Perhaps this adds merit to the Mickey Rourke cameo rumor? Wasn't Tool's Bar/Bike Shop in New Orleans?

  2. I think it was, plus Rourke was seen with Stallone on Monday in a restaurant so yeah the Rourke cameo theory becomes stronger...

  3. Really? If that's true then I think we may have our answer as to which Expendable is murdered by Van Damme. It would certainly back up the original synopsis Lionsgate released a while back. Any word of JCVD being in New Orleans?

  4. here's the link to the video Sly/Rourke at Cafe Roma: http://www.icelebz.com/celebs/sylvester_stallone/videos/sly_stallone_and_mickey_rourke_followed_by_crazed_fan_at_caffe_roma.html

    JCVD is not in NO, Carpenter just tweeted that Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Bruce, Arnold and Vandame are all in EX2 but she didn't work with them

  5. Were Sly and Mickey actually there together cuz the footage looks like it was taken on separate occasions? If so, I guarantee we'll see Tool in EX2!

  6. hard to tell, but if they met just before the New Orleans shooting + Rourke said he was going for a cameo in some movie, then yes, it's more than likely we see him in EX2 and Tool is the character to get killed like the original plot said.