Jan 22, 2012

EX2 Teaser Trailer & Poster in French

A couple of weeks ago we posted the German version of EX2 teaser trailer for our German viewers. We also have quite a number of readers from French speaking countries and Quebec/Canada, so it's time to post the two French versions of EX2 teaser trailer that were released a few days ago in France & Canada.

The French version of the poster has also been released but only in France
and not yet in Canada - EX2 is called "Expendables 2 Unité Spéciale" in France & "Les Sacrifiés 2" in Canada.

It's interesting to note that unlike the German version where Van Damme was credited with "Mit" ("With"), both European & Canadian versions follow the American version of the cast and Van Damme gets billed with "Ainsi que" in France, and "Également" in Canada, both mean "Also" in English.

Teaser Trailer France:

Teaser Trailer Canada:

En attendant la sortie d'EX2 restez bien sage


  1. Merci :)
    Ca fait plaisir...

  2. here is the canadian version:


    oh and here is SCOTT ADKINS answer to the PG13 BS on EX2 :

    "Bummed out that Expendables 2 will be PG-13? Never fear, UniSol 4 will probably be the most violent action film you've ever seen."


    thats better than Terry Crews who told us it will be "the greatest thing we've ever seen" like we're some kids....

    i really hope UNISOL 4 will be a huge success, i know i will pay a few times to see it on theaters, and make my friends pay, and i will buy the bluray.

    and for the whole time that it will be on theaters, when i go see other movies, i will pay for Unisol 4 and sneak in to see the other movie i went to see...

  3. Merci beaucoup, ce film va être une bombe !